We base what we do on you!

Everything we do at Antony St Physio is based on what is best for your situation and goals.

We help to reduce your symptoms, but more importantly provide you with strategies to ensure you have sustained relief.

We value providing you with treatment based on the needs of each injury. All of our staff are paid on a non-commission basis, which means you can rest assured you will be receiving advice that is in YOUR best interest.


Our patients needs are the most important thing to us. We will help you to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Our clinical notes and patient handovers set us apart

Every time you visit us, our physiotherapists make detailed notes on your injury and treatment plan. This means that any one of our physios can take over your care and maintain your progress.

If you are unable to get in with the physio you have seen previously, we highly encourage you to book in with any of us. That way you are getting your injury sorted as soon as possible, knowing that you don't have to go through everything again.

Sports Physiotherapy